About us

We are not good, We are elite!

Who we are?

The4academy was founded in 2020, during the pandemic period, when we had no opportunity to help our athletes in gyms or on fields. Time by time, it became a great idea to share our vision with the hunger athletes all around the world. 

A group of ex-professional footballers with great fitness coaches and nutritionists mixed the idea of creating modern and unique programs where our main focus was to implement several aspects of athleticism together in our programs such as strength, mobility, coordination, explosiveness, nutrition etc.

We strongly believe anything is possible if you have great dedication and a good plan for your goals. So, we decided to create a place where we would have the opportunity to share our unique fitness experience, vision, and knowledge with athletes around the world. This place is called the4shop.com, where we help more than a thousand athletes daily to hit their maximum.  

Despite your sports career, our goal is to make you a game-ready beast. 

Together, with our team and customers, we created one of the biggest fitness community called the4academy.

Quality first

13 Coaches from 5 different countries work daily to create and update programs for our athletes. We commit for the quality and success of our athletes.

2000+ Atheltes

More than 2000 athletes/amateurs work with our programs daily all around the world. 

24/7 support

Since we realize the importance of a close relationship with our customers, we can't sleep. Our support team is available 24/7.

Our mission

Our mission has always been to create a new and modern way to make big achievements possible for our athletes. Nowadays, our main focus is to spread our word all around the world and make our service affordable for the new champs.



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