Autogenic training: Ankle rehab

Autogenic training: Ankle rehab

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Autogenic training is a relaxation technique that uses systematic exercises to induce a general disconnection of the organism. It is used in conjunction with conventional medical care as part of disease management to relieve symptoms associated with chronic health problems and to improve well-being. German psychologist Johannes Heinrich Schultz developed autogenic training in the 1920s as a way to target the physical expression of stress by using relaxation exercises to gain a level of control over these processes.

Autogenic training: Ankle rehab is a fully new word and a new destination in this industry which is created by our psychologists and rehab coaches together. This audio is focused on your ankle recovery process and helps you to recover faster by using the autogenic training method which is used by professional athletes. An audio product whose goal is to encourage the natural relaxation response in your body by slowing breathing, lowering blood pressure, and, ultimately, producing a feeling of increased well-being is a very important part of your career on your long success way.

On the other hand, Autogenic training: Ankle rehab except for the recovery process, can be used for prevention. It gives your ankle stimulation, makes cloth elastic, and helps you to reduce the risk of injury in the future.

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