E-book: 6 Pack Abs Secrets

E-book: 6 Pack Abs Secrets

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Training your abs is no different than training any other muscle. If you want results you have to have a plan and you have to put forth a consistent effort.

Another thing to consider with ab training is that you have to be patient. The abs are always the last thing to reveal themselves, so it makes sense that they will take the most time to develop.

3 Things to Consider When Beginning Ab Training

– It’s Going to Take Longer Than You Expect
– It’s Going to be Harder Than You Thought
– You are Going to Have to Diet

It cannot be overemphasized that getting a six-pack is really hard work. The problem is there are so many infomercials out there that tell you that you can have a six-pack in 8 weeks. And even though you know that isn’t likely it is hard to resist the temptation to believe it. We all fall victim to such promises, and when we constantly see these types of ads it is hard not to have unrealistic expectations on how long it will take.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Is Getting Six-Pack Abs even Possible for You?
Chapter 2 – Important Things To Consider When Beginning Ab Training
Chapter 3 – Nutrition Guidelines For Six-Pack Abs
Chapter 4 – Some Super Foods to Maximize Your Ab-Progress
Chapter 5 – Top Dietary Supplements for Your Ab-Goal
Chapter 6 – 5 All-Time Best Ab Exercises
Chapter 7 – Cardio Training For Six-Pack Abs
Chapter 8 – A Sample Abs Workout
Chapter 9 – Pitfalls to Avoid
Chapter 10 – Maintaining Your Abs Round the Year
Conclusion– Action Plan To Begin Six Pack Ab Training Today

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